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How it Works

Why Bravo?

BRAVO has a solution

  • Proven traction with Fiat version available since 2015 in the USA market
  • In 2019 BRAVO will release an update to pay with our cryptocurrency (BVO Token) allowing for instant, secure and anonymous payments worldwide
  • BRAVO built and runs on it’s own blockchain platform

BRAVO is one of very
few Blockchain companies in the world that
actually has

  • An existing business
  • A solution developed

In contrast, less than 9% of Blockchain projects come from established businesses and almost half do not have a product developed before launching their campaign.


BRAVO is growing

BRAVO has a community of tens of thousands of active users in multiple verticals:

  • Tipping industry
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Debt settlement
  • Micro-merchants payments

See BRAVO Co-Founders presenting on ABC’s Shark Tank

Season 9, Episode 9, 914

On October 2013, the co-founders of BRAVO were hiking in Utah when they found themselves out of cash to tip and thank their hiking guide. Then, BRAVO was born; they came up with a simple idea to pay or get paid anonymously respecting the privacy of both parties. Maria and Hector realized that there are a number of situations on a daily basis where people are expected to tip with cash, but fewer and fewer people carry cash. They also realized, there were no banks for hours away, almost an unbanked scenario that’s more common outside of United States. (read more…) BRAVO’s MVP (minimum viable product) was built and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September 2015 where it won the Audience Choice Award. Since then, BRAVO proved product to market fit beyond its test market in Arizona and via network effect. BRAVO has grown organically to over 1,000 cities in the United States.

See BRAVO Co-Founders presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco

Though the majority of today’s payment transactions are digital – credit card swipes, online bill pay, tap-and-pay at point of sale, etc. – there are still a few places where cash has yet to die out. You still often need a handful of small bills to tip service professionals like valets, baristas, the great band at your local bar, and more. Taking these sorts of small payments digital is a challenge that Bravo aims to solve with its iOS and Android applications for simple, proximity-based payments.

The Leadership Team

The BVO team is led by innovators in software development, marketing, entrepreneurship and blockchain engineers.

Maria Del Carmen Luna, MBA

Co-Founder and CEO

Energetic serial entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in marketing and managing consumer and healthcare brands at Nabisco and other top companies. Maria excels at lean operations and is a firm believer that blockchain and cryptocurrency will disrupt many industries as we know them.

Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna

Co-Founder and COO

A doctor, researcher, software and blockchain enthusiast who started his first technological experience in ANN for prediction of cancer recurrence. Innovative entrepreneur and crypto fan. First time bought ETH in late 2014. Still holding (a HODL). Hector brings strong “physician problem solving”, business skills and artificial intelligence expertise to build BRAVO as a disruptive force in financial technology.

Elmer Morales

Chief Technology Officer

Serial entrepreneur and self-taught hacker with 17+ years of experience building innovative software and leading high-performance engineering teams at companies like Microsoft, Accenture and American Express. Elmer leads BRAVO’s blockchain initiatives.

Steven Cornejo

Product Manager

Over 12 years of experience in business marketing, project management and product development with a passion to help entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. Steven has managed software development projects with tech companies worldwide and continues to manage the design, development and delivery of all BRAVO products including blockchain, mobile and web. Lifelong musician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, plays guitar for the band OddHeart and is the Creative Director of his own digital media production studio that helps artists and musicians grow their brands.

Paul Nguyen

Lead Blockchain Architect

Over 20+ years in software engineering leadership and CTO positions at companies like AT&T and Accenture. Led several mission critical systems including PCI-compliant payment systems, electronic financial trading systems and blockchain-based platforms. Deep expertise in Ethereum, Hyperledger and A.I.

Tanmay Shahane

Lead Blockchain Engineer

12+ years of experience in developing and leading cutting edge technologies and platform, worked on various domain including Health care, Finance, Non-Profits and micro economies. Blockchain like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Crypto platform engineering expertise.

Robert (Bob) Lunny, MBA, CPA, CFO


Born and raised in Canada, Bob had always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Bob started a career in technology as CFO. He has successfully guided multiple companies to profitability and through rounds of venture capital, debt financing and private equity investments. He brings to BRAVO strong emphasis in organic growth and lean startup methodologies.

Adam Swanton

Director of Client Strategy

BRAVO bridges the gap between the hard-working people that depend on cash payments and tips for a living and the Millions of customers who no longer carry cash. Adam has over 15 years of experience in Business Development for Bio-Pharma and Technology and is extremely proud of being part of this grassroot movement of financial empowerment!

Vitaliy Marusenko, MSL

Community Manager

10+ years of Multimedia Experience in Education, Startups and Private Sector. Managed large teams in app, web and marketing development. Vitaliy is a crypto currency investor and hodler. He will help grow and support the BRAVO crypto community.

Travis Colbert

Visual Content Director

As an entrepreneur, he sustains connections with other major companies that work closely with Bravo. Bravo is shared with the world through his artistic visuals. His work has been displayed worldwide on major television networks such as MTV, Trace TV, amongst other.

The Advisors

Dean Cannell

Blockchain Advisor

Dean is the Founder of, a full-service management consultancy for Blockchain & Blockchain-enabled companies - specialising in fundraising. Dean has spent the last 13+ years helping traditional technology startups to go from idea to funding or acquisition. Dean’s experience includes business strategy, internal governance, technology & product positioning to enable growth.

Lance Connolly


Lance is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. Due to the combination of his previous experience in both marketing strategy and web development, he has quickly progressed in this space as an advisor on several projects. Lance has experience in delivering the full stack A-Z of services that assist in a successful campaign for tokenized fundraising.

Mike Lees

Marketing Advisor

Experienced CMO/CEO with a proven track record of bringing software solutions to market and developing profitable business for startups and public companies. Michael is a specialist on all aspects of marketing strategy and execution, inside sales leadership, European and US software sales, business development/strategic alliances, VC fundraising, financial analysis and planning as well as company formation.

George Grellas

Legal Advisor

For over 25 years, George has practiced business, corporate, commercial, and intellectual property law in Silicon Valley and has served as a business and corporate lawyer for a broad range of startup and business clients, from sole proprietorships to leading companies in the high tech field. He has concentrated on helping entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and the companies they own and operate, in all types of industries.

Mital Makadia

Legal Advisor

Mital is a corporate and securities partner at Grellas Shah. She works with companies in a range of areas, including corporate formation, private securities offerings, and merger and acquisition transactions.

Early Boykins III

Investor Relations & Advisor

Early is an Blockchaininvestor, advisor, mentor in the blockchain space. He has 6 years of crypto-currency experience. He is a Director at Andra Capital - a "tokenized" technology growth fund focused on late-stage investments, specifically in the Silicon Valley private technology sector. His role is guiding the launch and investor relations for BRAVO.

Manpreet Singh


All aspects of merchant services and global payment processing. Focus is on strategy, innovation, executive leadership, operational efficiency, partner relationship building, and general management. Extensive corporate finance and accounting experience in payments, including compliance, reporting, management, and training. Strong experience in thought-leading payments innovations, financial technology, startups, and high-growth companies.

Specializing in global ecommerce, multi-currency payment processing, managed-risk payment processing, SEC reporting, start-ups, international trading, and commodities.


The Roadmap


  • Private, instante and secure payments


  • Customer discovery process


  • Initial release to prove the concept

TC Disrupt
MVP Release

  • Audience Choice Award Winner

FIAT Alpha

  • Released iOS and Android


  • Planning and design

Blockchain R&D

  • Blockchain proof of concept dev

ABC's Shark Tank deal

  • Public fiat beta released

vNext dev

  • vNext & blockchain development continued
  • UI design for vNext


  • Private Sale
  • Smart contract testing


  • Public Pre-Sale


  • Public Crowdsale

BVO Crypto

  • Wallet Initial Quality Testing
  • 1st betanet network available

Exchange Listings

  • High volume exchange listing


  • vNext code complete
  • First Micro-Merchant Tool release (event ticket support)

BVO Wallet

  • Testnet goes live
  • Wallet Beta Test
  • Initial BVO-P Testing
  • Test Results Released to Public


  • Public Preview
  • Wallet Production Release


  • QA Testing & Production Release
  • Consortium validator client

BVO Consortium

  • Initial partners network testing phase

API for devs

  • QA Testing & Production Release


Frequently Asked Questions

More questions and answers will be available soon.

Why is BRAVO making the move to Blockchain?

BRAVO has an existing app based mobile macro and micro-payments business that currently services the US mass market with tens of thousands of monthly active users. BRAVO’s anonymous mobile payments technology has continue evolving into a “next generation” payment platform by incorporating blockchain technology into their business. This technology is a step further in making payments more anonymous, less expensive, worldwide and most importantly, making the transaction time faster while giving the user full control of the transaction.

How can I request to join the Whitelist?

To join the Whitelist please visit and submit your email address to join our Whitelist. By signing up, you agree to receive BVO email updates.

When BVO ICO goes public, you will be asked to voluntarily complete a KYC/AML process to ensure you can participate.

Which regions and jurisdictions are excluded?

This is not addressed to, or intended for use by: (i) U.S. persons, persons located in the United States or residents of the United States, (ii) persons located in the Republic of Singapore or Canada and any other country forbidden to do business with companies located in the United States, or (iii) persons in any other jurisdictions where the communication or receipt of such information is restricted in such a way that provides that such persons cannot receive it. In particular, such persons or persons acting for the benefit of any such persons are not permitted to review these pages. None of the information contained on the pages herein nor any copy thereof may be taken or transmitted in or into, or distributed, whether directly or indirectly, in or into, the United States or any other jurisdiction as described above. Failure to comply with this may result in a violation of U.S. law, including the Securities Act, or the law of another jurisdiction.

Any potential offerings by BRAVO will be done in offshore transactions with no directed selling efforts in the U.S. and subject to additional restrictions to ensure that BRAVO refuses to record any potential future sale of a coin not made in accordance with Regulation S and all applicable laws of the United States.

Is the BRAVO platform secure?

Currently, BRAVO uses bank grade encryption on our FIAT payments Beta version which is available in US at App Store and Google Play. We will enhance this further beyond bank grade encryption with our blockchain technology which adds several layers of security and safety with data immutability and high level of anonymity paired with consistent software maintenance, audits and improvement.

How will the funds received be used?

Fund use allocation:

  • 45% = Software development. Ongoing enhancements in users safety and secure platform with consistently fast transactions.
  • 20% = Marketing, support of BRAVO community and ensure strong campaigns around the platform and BVO token.
  • 20% = Reserve fund for airdrops, rewards, payments of bounties and other blockchain technologies.
  • 9% = Operational expenses.
  • 3% = Legal expenses.
  • 3% = Miscellaneous.

Will BRAVO be an ERC-20 token?

Yes, BVO is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain to utilize their smart contract platform in the Bravo business model.

How can I get involved in BRAVO?

Join the conversation on our Telegram (// group. Share with friends, colleagues and family. This channel will have active community managers ready to answer all questions you may have, as well as join in the community conversation.

Does being on the Whitelist guarantee an allocation in the Pre-Sale?

The Whitelist is a voluntary sign up to receive updates on BRAVO’s whereabouts and BVO token status. It is not a warranty to sale or allocation. Once you have signed up for the Whitelist and completed the KYC/AML verification process successfully, you might be able to participate on a pre-sale discount/bonus as long and only if you qualify, comply and meet terms and conditions.

Send payments with the power of blockchain

BRAVO Pay continues to bring financial empowerment to a new generation that values simplicity, privacy and transparency with a payment solution, tailored for the mass adoption of crypto-payments!

Starting in early 2017 BRAVO began it's evolution to Blockchain. Join our whitelist to learn more about the upcoming token.

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